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Azure Solution Assessment

Are you a software manufacturer or a company with its own software development and would like to modernize or redevelop your software products and solutions and operate them in the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

As an experienced Microsoft partner, we accompany you on this path and offer you an Azure Solution Assessment to start with.

With our Azure Solution Assessment for application modernization and cloud native development, we want to enable you to get started with the modern software development of cloud solutions for the Microsoft Azure cloud. As part of the Solution Assessment, we analyze your current software and cloud solution architecture, examine the DevOps toolchain, identify optimization potentials and derive a development roadmap for your path to the Azure Cloud and the transformation of your development processes.

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For whom?

  • CTO / Head of Software Development
  • Software Architect
  • Software Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer


  • Neutral evaluation of your software solution and your cloud know-how
  • Benefit from best practices and many years of project experience
  • Fast and targeted entry into cloud native software development
  • Faster project progress
  • Coaching of your development team


  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Collection of requirements
  • Roadmap for your Cloud Native Journey
  • Structure of a project backlog
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Azure Solution Assessment Overview

The Solution Assessment takes place in an interactive online workshop format and is carried out by our experienced Cloud Solution Architects. We are guided by a checklist, but individually address your specific solution, situation and level of knowledge, regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced expert.

In this first step, you will introduce your software solution or software product to our experts. We analyze the current state together with you. It doesn’t matter if you want to modernize or reimplement your application. Also, we address the known issues or limitations you currently face with your software. This enables us to understand your requirements and to advise you optimally.

An essential part of the solution assessment is to analyze your current software architecture. Our Cloud Solution Architects will work with you to check which steps are necessary to operate your Cloud Native application. We are also happy to respond to open architecture decisions and support you in software architecture design.

Focal points and questions:

  • Will a monolithic or microservice-oriented application architecture be used?
  • Which languages and frameworks are used?
  • Is the application containerized?
  • In what ways are APIs provided (e.g. SOAP /REST /gRPC)?
  • Is the application stateless or stateful?
  • Which dependencies are required (e.g. databases, caching, queue)?
  • How is the application rolled out (e.g. scripts, Helm Charts)?
  • Are there any known pain points?

Identity & Access Management is a central component of every cloud native application. For this reason, we treat this topic as a single subarea. Our Cloud Solution Architects work with you to analyze your existing authentication and authorization implementation and support you in design decisions.

Focal points and questions:

  • How is the authentication /authorization implemented?
  • Is the authentication token-based?
  • Which identity provider is used?
  • What are the current limitations (e.g. policies, multi-factor authentication, guest users)?

The Azure Cloud Infrastructure is the foundation of your application and therefore important. In this step, our architects will work with you to validate your existing Azure infrastructure or review your concepts. We focus on best practices, cloud security, cost optimization and maintainability. Concepts such as containerization, Kubernetes, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and cloud governance are the basis for this.

Focal points and questions:

  • Which Azure resources are currently being used?
  • Are Azure PaaS services used (e.g. Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, Azure Databases)?
  • Is there a cloud governance strategy in place (e.g. naming conventions, IAM, policies)?
  • Is Infrastructure-as-Code used (e.g. Terraform, ARM Templates, Pulumi)?
  • What are the requirements in terms of availability and security?

Your DevOps processes are essential to successfully deliver your application to your customers. That is why we also analyse this subarea together with you. The focus is on automation (continuous integration /continuous delivery) but also agile project management with modern ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platforms such as Azure DevOps, GitHub or GitLab.

Focal points and questions:

  • Which ALM platform is used (Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, …)?
  • Which version management is used (e.g. TFVC, Git, Subversion)?
  • How are the code repositories structured (e.g. Monorepo, Polyrepo)?
  • How is the application versioned (e.g. semantic versioning, branching, staging)?
  • Are there any automated build pipelines?
  • Are there test processes (e.g. unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests)?
  • Will the application be rolled out automatically?
  • Have monitoring, logging and tracing been implemented?

For software producers, the analysis of user behavior and the monetization of their products and solutions is central to successful commercialization. Through many years of experience in product management as well as in the development of cloud-based licensing models, we would like to show you the ways in which you can distribute and monetize your software solutions in a modern way.

At the end of the Azure Solution Assessment, we define the next steps together with you. Depending on your needs, these can be explicit backlog items, further workshops to deepen subareas or the implementation of a Proof of Concept. In any case, we will support you according to your wishes.

Notes on the offer

  • In the run-up to a solution assessment, we tailor the agenda and content to your specific needs.
  • We conduct a 30min interview with you before the actual solution assessment.
  • The focus areas of software development and DevOps can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • The solution assessment takes approx. 12 hours and is carried out via several individual remote appointments.

Reference Customers

Large, medium and small companies from all industries have carried out solution assessments with us and rely on us as their cloud native partner for the transformation of their software solutions into the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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