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From containerizing your microservices to implementing your Kubernetes platform on Azure

Are you a software manufacturer or a company with its own software development and would like to run your software products and solutions cloud-native on the Microsoft Azure Cloud with the help of Kubernetes? As an experienced Microsoft partner with a focus on cloud native, we accompany you on this path and offer you an entry tailored to your needs with our Sailing Trip for Kubernetes.

The goal of our Sailing Trip for Kubernetes is to familiarize your team with the technologies and the open source ecosystem in the best possible way. We can support you with cloud native development and the construction of a Kubernetes platform based on Azure Kubernetes Service.

white duck Kubernetes diagramm
white duck Kubernetes diagramm

For whom?

  • CTO, Head of Software Development
  • Software and Cloud Solution Architects
  • Kubernetes Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers


  • Fast and targeted entry into the Kubernetes Ecosystem
  • Faster project progress
  • Know-how transfer & training through coaching approach
  • Benefit from many years of project experience


  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Collection of requirements
  • Developer Readiness in dealing with Kubernetes
  • Focusing your development on technical functionality
  • Prepare your Kubernetes platform for operations on Azure
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Come aboard – Kubernetes Basics

The aim of “Come aboard – Kubernetes Basics” is to bring your team closer to Kubernetes and the cloud native ecosystem and to transfer our know-how. With the help of our Solution Assessment, we analyze your current state together. Our Cloud Solution Architects and Engineers then address your team and your requirements individually. Everything under the motto “container basics, containerization of applications and Kubernetes basics with and on Azure”.

Your entry into container orchestration with Kubernetes. We explain the basics of Kubernetes and show you how Kubernetes can help you run your microservices. Furthermore, we give you an overview of the functions and basics of the Azure Kubernetes Service.

The goal is to teach you and your team all the basics in the area of containerization, Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service.

Now that we have taught you the basics of containers and Kubernetes, let’s focus on your application. We will show you and your team how to successfully containerize, package, and deploy your application to Kubernetes. In doing so, we focus on tools, methodologies and best practices that we can offer thanks to our ample experience.

The focus here is on knowledge transfer and an overview of the ecosystem.

Sailing Trip for Development with Kubernetes

During “Sailing Trip for Development with Kubernetes” we are fully responsive to the needs of your development team. After a solution assessment to define your current status, we delve deeper and use the entire cloud-native toolkit to implement your requirements in the best possible way together with your team. Here, our Cloud Solution Architects and Software Engineers rely on further workshops on knowledge transfer and proof-of-concepts for the technical breakthrough.

You know the basics and are looking for support to get started? We define or optimize Dockerfiles and deployment manifests with you and your team. We support you in creating your helm charts or optimizing them. Furthermore, we define and validate your continuous integration pipelines or explain the methodologies behind GitOps.

Thanks to ample project experience, we help you achieve your goals in the best possible way together with you.

We know that the container changes the everyday handles in development and inner-loop. Since this is the day-to-day business of your team, we would like to give you and your team all the tips and tricks, so that you can work optimally and productively.

We offer you an overview of tools (useful Virtual Studio Code Extensions or helpful CLIs) and methods that can help you develop with containers, Kubernetes and Azure Cloud Services.

Sailing Trip for the operation of Kubernetes

The “Sailing Trip for the operation of Kubernetes” focuses on the operation of your Kubernetes platform as well as pre-operational measures. To get started, we start with a solution assessment to analyze your current state. Our Cloud Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers will then address your requirements and work with you to define further workshops, proof-of-concepts and implement your ready-to-use Kubernetes platform based on Azure Kubernetes Service together with your team.

Kubernetes offers your development team many advantages. However, Kubernetes also brings some challenges, especially in operation. Our Cloud Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers support you in the architecture and construction of a customized Kubernetes platform based on the Azure Kubernetes Service using Infrastructure as Code and tools such as Terraform and Bicep. The focus is on your requirements.

Our goal is to work with you to create a ready-to-use basis for your applications.

The cloud native ecosystem is huge. We help you navigate and define which open source projects and tools can best support you with your requirements. And not only in terms of the Kubernetes platform and operation, but also your development.

We want you and your team to be supported in the best possible way by the cloud native ecosystem and the underlying open source toolchain.

You already run your applications on Kubernetes, or are you about to do so? Thanks to the ample project experience, our Cloud Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers support your team in finalizing or validating your architecture. Here we place a stronger focus on security and introduce it at an early stage in the project with the help of DevSecOps at various levels.

The aim is to work with you to build your ready-to-use Kubernetes platform based on the Azure Kubernetes Service.

Reference Customers

Large, medium and small companies from all industries rely on us as their cloud native partner to transform their Kubernetes-based software solutions into the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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