Maintenance and support of your cloud-native Azure applications

Maintenance and support of your cloud-native Azure applications

Don’t leave the operation of your cloud-native Azure applications to chance. With our Operations as a Service offering, we offer you a managed service individually tailored to your needs for the maintenance and support of your cloud-native Azure applications. We take over the regular updating of the technology components of your application, the infrastructure, the build and release pipelines, with associated security audits and quality assurance measures as well as support.

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For whom?

  • Software vendors (ISVs) with cloud-native products
  • Companies with customized, developed Azure applications
  • Operators of cloud-native applications and their infrastructure
  • Providers of platforms based on Azure Kubernetes Services


  • Security through monthly system updates
  • Traceability through standardized maintenance catalog
  • Guaranteed response times in support
  • Reduction of risk in operation


  • Robustness of applications through continuous optimization
  • High security level through DevSecOps methods
  • End-to-end and transparent operating process
  • Monitoring with cost control and optimization
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Operations as a Service at a glance

Our Operations as Service offering for cloud-native Azure applications consists of maintenance and support.

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Scheduled maintenance of your Azure applications

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2nd and 3rd level support for your Azure applications


With the planned, monthly recurring maintenance activities according to a fixed maintenance catalog with activity log, we always keep your Azure applications up-to-date, increase security and quality and reduce the risk of system impairments.

  • Execution of scheduled maintenance activities according to defined maintenance catalog
  • Update of application infrastructures (such as Terraform, Terraform Provider, Pipelines, AKS/Kubernetes, Kubernetes Deployments, Ingress, Cert-Manager)
  • Updating application components (such as UI libraries, NPM packages, C# libraries)
  • Perform security audits of application components and their infrastructure
  • Deployment to the production environment after defined release process

  • Definition of test scenarios consisting of manual and automated test cases
  • Execution of test scenarios for application updates
  • Implementation of automated test scenarios
  • Documentation of test results and derivation of further QA measures

  • Monitoring and monitoring of resource bottlenecks, e.g. memory, CPU
  • Adjust system parameters to maintain system stability and performance
  • Evaluation and planning of new Azure features and services
  • Implementation of housekeeping measures, such as the analysis of log files, deletion of temporary files
  • Monthly retrospective with optimization recommendations

  • Regular review of execution times (such as endpoint requests) within defined thresholds
  • Regular review of error cases
  • Anomaly detection and documentation and associated assessment/recommendation
  • Incident management and root cause analysis


If a problem occurs in your Azure application, we are available to you within the agreed response times with 2nd and 3rd level support to ensure that your solution is up and running again as quickly as possible.

  • Easy reporting of support cases through our mail or ticketing system
  • Live overview and status updates for your current support cases
  • Access to your historical support cases and solutions at any time

  • Our goal is to develop robust solutions that do not require 24/7 support
  • Availability within defined service times
  • Guaranteed response within defined time periods

  • Commitment to accept support cases within defined service hours
  • Analysis and handling of cases by experienced experts by phone and online
  • Promising problem solution guaranteed
  • Further support by 3rd level support if required

  • Extended root cause analysis of support cases from 2nd level support
  • Advanced problem solving and determination of problem-solving measures
  • Initiation of extended measures by involving manufacturer support
  • Documentation of analysis results and problem-solving measures

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