Our experience and know-how from many years of software and cloud engineering.

Our Azure & AI expertise

Our software and cloud specialists have extensive experience with individual cloud-native projects in a wide variety of industries.

Thanks to our expertise in the areas of cloud-native development, platform engineering, and developer productivity, we can provide you with comprehensive support in the implementation of your individual cloud projects. Our expertise in these areas enables us to provide you with optimal support in consulting, design, implementation, coaching, and operation.

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Cloud Native Development

Design and development of sustainable and smart applications.

Cloud Native Development

  • Demand-oriented software architecture
  • Modernization of existing applications
  • Know-how transfer
  • Cost-efficient operation
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Platform Engineering

Plan, implement and operate scalable application platforms.

Platform Engineering

  • Maintainable, scalable and secure
  • Targeted functionality
  • Automation and integration
  • Fully managed
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Developer Productivity

More productivity and security through AI and agile processes.

Developer Productivity

  • Rollout of modern DevOps platforms
  • AI-powered development
  • Agile project management
  • Integrated quality assurance
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Cloud Native Development

Demand-oriented application architecture

Our focus on demand-driven application architecture enables us to develop customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Our extensive knowledge of cloud-native development and artificial intelligence allows us to design and develop applications that are not only intelligent but can be operated sustainably. With our Cloud-Native Development with AI offering, we can implement your requirements based on the latest technologies to make your project a success.

Modernization of existing applications

With our many years of experience in the field of software and cloud development, we can support you in modernizing your existing applications. Our demand-oriented application architecture enables you to develop your application effectively and sustainably. With our Cloud-Native Journey, we provide you with holistic support to ensure your successful transformation to the cloud.

Know-how transfer

Our goal is to provide you and your team with sustainable support. In our customized workshops and training courses, we provide you with the know-how you need to develop your applications securely, robustly, and efficiently. Our experts will not only teach you the necessary technical knowledge but also best practices and methods that you can apply to your future projects.

Cost-efficient operation

Our focus is on the efficient operation of your cloud-native applications. With our many years of experience in the development of cloud-native applications, we can define a future-proof architecture for you with the help of the Microsoft Azure Cloud and open source. By using fully managed Azure services such as Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes Service or Azure Container Apps, we ensure scaling, high availability, and flexibility with cost-efficient operation. Everything from a single source with our cloud provisioning.

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Platform Engineering

Maintainable, scalable and secure

Our platform engineering expertise also includes planning and building scalable application platforms that are maintainable, secure, and extensible. Our Sailing Trip for Kubernetes can help your team quickly familiarize themselves with Kubernetes and build a scalable and flexible platform on the Azure Kubernetes Service.

Targeted functionality

When architecting and building your platforms, we place particular emphasis on targeted functionality to meet your specific requirements. Together, we design an application platform, containerized or serverless. We ensure that your developers can do their work with optimum productivity and, at the same time, meet your business requirements in the best possible way.

Automation and integration

Our aim is to shorten your development time and bring your applications to market quickly. We offer you expert support in automating your processes and seamlessly integrating your systems. Our experienced engineers ensure a smooth implementation of DevOps practices that accelerate your development process and increase your productivity. Our DevOps Road Trip covers all necessary aspects of automation and integration and is designed to ease your path to a high-performance platform.

Fully managed

By planning, implementing, and maintaining scalable application platforms, we guarantee a reliable process. With our complete integration and automation, we increase efficiency in the development chain and create a flexible environment. Our Operation as a Service offering guarantees smooth operation of your systems so that you can concentrate fully on your business processes.

Azure DevOps /
GitHub Enterprise & GitHub Copilot
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Developer Productivity

Introduction of modern DevOps platforms

We advise you on the introduction and migration to a modern DevOps platforms such as GitHub Enterprise or Azure DevOps to increase the speed and reliability of your software delivery. We support you in planning the DevOps platform and implement it based on your requirements and processes to ensure seamless integration between product owners, development and operations.

AI-powered development

The use of AI-based tools such as GitHub Copilot enables higher productivity and efficiency in development by relieving developers of routine work. This accelerated development promotes innovation and the market launch of new features, giving you an advantage over your competitors. With our Cloud Native Development with AI offering, we support you in the introduction and integration of GitHub Copilot into your development process.

Agile project management

With our agile project management, you are able to react quickly to changes in the course of the project, meet your requirements, and make your development more productive. We support you in the introduction of agile methods and adapt them to your individual needs. We also offer long-term consulting services with our project management as a service offering, as well as customized trainings to ensure that your company benefits in the long term.

Integrated quality assurance

Efficient and productive development requires quality assurance that is seamlessly integrated into the development process. Our engineers offer fully embedded quality assurance that enables testing and verification of applications directly within the development phase. This allows us to detect and fix bugs early, allowing your development to progress faster. This allows you to respond to agile changes with a fast feedback loop and ensure maximum quality.

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DevOps in its various facets

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