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Cloud Control for Azure

Cloud Control is a self-service portal for controlling cloud resources. With Cloud Control, you can easily and quickly launch and stop Azure resources, such as virtual machines, for your enterprise users or end customers without having to give access to the complex Azure Portal.

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For whom?

  • Software producers
  • Cloud Solution Providers
  • Companies that use Azure internally

Use cases

  • Start and stop Cloud resources
  • Triggering Cloud software updates
  • Access for end customers and business users
  • Customizable self-service portal


  • Simple for usage
  • Reduction of Cloud costs
  • No access to Azure Portal required
  • Simple administration
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Application scenarios for Azure in detail

With Cloud Control, you can map a variety of application scenarios. Cloud Control is designed and developed for both software producers and companies that leverage Microsoft Azure internally.

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You are a software producer or Cloud solution provider and want to enable your end customers to access Cloud resources conveniently and easily.

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Your company uses Azure internally and you want to give your professionals a convenient and easy access to Cloud resources.

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Functional scope and technical details

Cloud Control offers a multitude of useful features for your end customers or specialist users, which are provided using the latest technologies and can be securely integrated into your Azure environment.


Admin Center

  • Managing Azure Subscriptions
  • Managing Azure Resources
  • Managing Azure DevOps Organizations*
  • Management of organizations/customers
  • Managing end-users

Self-service portal

  • Starting and Stopping Azure VMs
  • Starting Azure Pipelines*
  • Running Azure Subscription Boarding*
  • Running Azure Kubernetes Scaling*

Technical Details


  • Single-Tenant Application
  • Deployable to your Azure Subscription
  • Container Hosting in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)


  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Connection to your corporate AAD for admin center users
  • Providing a AAD-B2C to self-service portal users

Azure Resources

  • Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Azure DevOps Pipelines*
  • Azure Subscription Boarding*
  • Azure Kubernetes Scaling*

*planned for a future version


Cloud Control in Use

Cloud Control – Early Adoption Program

Sign up for the Cloud Control Early Adoption Program and use Cloud Control for free for the first 12 months.


  • Pre-release version of the Early Adoption Program – Comming soon (registration required)
  • General availability – planned for Q4-2022

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