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Cilium: Connecting, Observing, and Securing Service Mesh and Beyond with EBPF

In the Cilium Maintainer track session, you’ll get an update on how Cilium is expanding the boundaries of cloud native networking, observability, and security. What’s next after graduation and establishment as the de facto standard CNI for Kubernetes? We’ll start with a brief overview of each part of the project before giving an update on Cilium Service Mesh’s mutual authentication. Next, we’ll look at how Cilium is expanding beyond Kubernetes with load balancing and multi-cloud networking, and into runtime enforcement with Tetragon.


Liz Rice (Chief Open Source Officer, Isovalent)

Maartje Eyskens (Software Engineer, Isovalent)

Nico Meisenzahl (Head of DevOps Consulting & Operation, white duck)

Vlad Ungureanu (Engineering Lead, Palantir Technologies)

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