29 02. 2024

GitHub Copilot – Tipps & Tricks E-Book

2024-02-29T10:51:49+01:00By |

GitHub Copilot – Tipps & Tricks E-Book In der Softwareentwicklung zählt: Je höher die Produktivität, desto schneller und besser können Anwendungen erstellt und bereitgestellt werden. GitHub Copilot bringt künstliche Intelligenz in die Entwicklung und hilft Entwicklerinnen dabei, schneller besseren Code zu entwickeln. Der KI-Assistent unterstützt beim Schreiben einzelner Codezeilen

23 02. 2024


2024-02-23T18:09:49+01:00By |

Generative AI is currently being discussed in many disciplines and is becoming increasingly widespread. In two interesting lectures, the structures of AI platforms and their further development will be discussed. In addition, it will be shown how Azure OpenAI and Semantic Kernel can be used to develop intelligent applications. 🖇️ Registration Speakers: Martin Brandl

12 02. 2024

Cloud-Native & AI Day – Scaling Your Business as an ISV

2024-02-12T15:08:47+01:00By |

Do you want to future-proof your software solution with the help of artificial intelligence and cloud-native technology? Then we have the perfect event for you! We cordially invite you to our "Cloud-Native & AI Day - Scaling your business as an ISV" at Microsoft Germany in Munich. Join us to learn how you can

1 02. 2024

Scaling your business as an ISV – our insights from more than 50 assessments with SMB

2024-03-13T11:15:36+01:00By |

In this webinar, we'll share insights from over 50 Azure Solution Assessments for software vendors. Martin Brandl and Nico Meisenzahl show how we have supported software vendors on their way to a cloud-native SaaS offering. The webinar will focus on architecture, security, automation, and operations. We present practical examples and provide insights into artificial

29 01. 2024

Personalizing AI – How to Build Apps Based on Your Own Data

2024-01-29T08:21:09+01:00By |

Personalizing AI – How to Build Apps Based on Your Own Data Generative AI is on everyone's lips. Both software providers and companies with in-house developers have started to implement intelligent applications and functions based on generative AI models, such as those from OpenAI. One of the best ways

10 01. 2024

Rosenheim IT Forum

2024-01-10T11:03:26+01:00By |

AI in software development Experienced experts will show us practical examples of how you can use AI technologies to accelerate and optimize the development process and discuss with you where the path leads. The event is aimed at software engineers, IT managers and CTOs, as well as anyone interested in technology. Take the opportunity

10 01. 2024

Developer Productivity Day

2024-01-10T08:27:14+01:00By |

Developer Productivity Day in cooperation with Microsoft and GitHub With the help of the AI-based GitHub Copilot and other powerful tools from GitHub, your development team can streamline their workflows, be more productive and focused, and deliver new features to end users faster. Take part in our free workshop day at Microsoft in

9 10. 2023

Erweiterung unseres Portfolios um AI 

2023-10-09T08:48:05+02:00By |

Erweiterung unseres Portfolios um AI und weitere Microsoft Zertifizierung für AI. Neue Angebote zur Steigerung der Developer Productivity mit GitHub Copilot und der Entwicklung von intelligenten Anwendungen mit Azure OpenAI.

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