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28 04. 2020

SQL Database Edge – An IoT Game Changer

2021-09-21T16:06:47+02:00By |

SQL Database Edge - An IoT Game Changer I don't remember the last time I got excited so much about a new database technology, or a new database offering to be more precise. SQL Database Edge is the inevitable result of recent  Database and IoT developments in the Microsoft

20 05. 2016

Dealing with Feature Requests

2021-09-30T10:45:43+02:00By |

Dealing with Feature Requests As a product manager you are usually the recipient of countless feature requests. Feature requests may arrive per email, support systems, phone etc. They just keep coming... One common mistake is to try give feedback or even worse take decisions (yes we are..., no we are not..., we are not sure

22 03. 2016

On UI/UX Decisions

2021-09-30T10:58:20+02:00By |

On UI/UX Decisions Despite the undisputable importance of UI/UX (User Interface, User Experience) for most software products, most software developers prefer to deal with more sexy/nerdy topics such as architectural patterns, algorithms, performance optimization, backend services etc. While giant vendors  enjoy the luxury of employing UI/UX engineers, medium sized vendors usually either do not have

9 03. 2016

On Presenting 0.X Versions and previews

2021-09-30T11:03:00+02:00By |

On Presenting 0.X Versions and previews Designing and implementing software from scratch is not easy. Yes, you have the freedom to design at will, but you have to take many important decisions that you will not able to (easily) change afterwards. The responsibility is huge. On the one hand, stakeholders no matter if they have a

23 02. 2016

On Product Lifecycles

2021-09-30T11:06:44+02:00By |

On Product Lifecycles Civil engineers usually work on projects (buildings), which upon completion will mostly live on (and possibly be admired) for years, decades even centuries. Software engineers usually work on projects (products) which upon completion (if they ever do) are mostly already old, deprecated and need to be rewritten... If you are in software, you have to be aware of

21 01. 2016

Product vs. Project Mindset: Finding the Right Balance

2021-10-01T08:54:26+02:00By |

Product vs. Project Mindset: Finding the Right Balance Building a software product is fundamentally different than implementing a software solution for a specific customer. While this might sound like common knowledge, a surprisingly big number of people in our industry just do not grasp it. As a product manager, you need to make sure that

6 01. 2016

The Thorny Road to Cloud/Saas Transition: How to start

2021-10-01T09:05:55+02:00By |

The Thorny Road to Cloud/Saas Transition: How to start For the majority of software startups, the question of Cloud and/or SaaS is pretty straightforward: it is something that has to be considered from the very beginning. Considered does not necessarily mean implemented, but it is definitely a question that has to be answered. For traditional

8 12. 2015

On the Past, Present and Future of OLAP

2021-10-01T09:12:31+02:00By |

On the Past, Present and Future of OLAP Recent advances in column oriented databases and the proliferation of self-service BI makes a lot of us wonder: is OLAP/Cube technology still relevant? While the obvious answer is definitely yes, it is helpful to know the origins and evolution of these technologies, in order to predict their

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