DevOpsCon Munich Hybrid Edition

Online Event

Hijacking a Kubernetes Cluster In his talk, Nico shows how to hijack a Kubernetes cluster based on common attack vectors. You'll also learn why it's important to implement zero-trust to prevent data leaks and malicious workloads. Speaker: Nico Meisenzahl (Head of DevOps Consulting & Operations @ white duck GmbH)

Power Apps Overview

Online Event

Power Apps Overview The last Azure Rosenheim Meetup for 2022 is coming up! ???? This time Robin and Tobias from ModulAcht are our guest speakers! They will talk about the Power Apps. What are Power Apps? What are the advantages of Power Apps? What are the limits of Power Apps? What skills do I

Azure Developer Community Day

Walter-Gropius-Straße 5 Walter-Gropius-Straße 5, München, Deutschland

Azure Developer Community Day On 13.12.2022 the Azure Developer Community Day will take place! Who is Azure Developer Community Day for? ???????? ???? to all developers working with Azure or services such as Power Platform ???? DevOps topics and software architecture have their place here We are looking forward to all participants, lectures and

Container Security Day

Hamburg Mexikoring 29, Hamburg, Deutschland

How to Prevent Your Kubernetes Cluster From Being Hacked The "ContainerDay Security" is a one-day community event that will take place on 08.03.2023 at the CreativSpace in Hamburg. Our Kubernetes expert Nico will talk about security and Kubernetes. Speakers: Nico Meisenzahl (Head of DevOps Consulting & Operations @ white duck)

Chaos Engineering with Azure Chaos Studio pt. 1

Online Event

This is the first part of a series about chaos engineering with Azure Chaos Studio. In this part, we will learn the basics and key principles of chaos engineering. Afterwards we are going to introduce Azure Chaos Studio (Public Preview), that is a new(er) managed service on Azure. Speaker: Philip Welz (Senior Kubernetes &

ISVs in MCPP – Chances & Challenges

Online Event

In this webinar, experts from Microsoft's Learning partner ADN take another look at the programs for ISVs and consulting in the data context. Join us in outlining a possible solution path. The topics overview: - Solution Partner Options in the MCPP for ISVs (Enya Neumann, ADN) - Digital & App Innovation and Data &

Microsoft Azure Partner Day – Re-Imagine medium-sized business

Walter-Gropius-Straße 5 Walter-Gropius-Straße 5, München, Deutschland

Get to know future-oriented cloud strategies and learn in our exciting lectures how you can increase the productivity of your cloud business. You can expect current topics such as Azure as a strategy for medium-sized businesses, exclusive Microsoft Insights, approachable Partner Voices and various breakout sessions that go into depth. Speaker: Microsoft Partner Voice

Chaos Engineering with Azure Chaos Studio pt. 2

Online Event

We are pleased to welcome you to the second part of our series "Chaos Engineering with Azure Chaos Studio". In the first part, we covered the basics of chaos engineering and looked at Azure Chaos Studio. In this part, we want to use Azure Chaos Studio to cause some chaos on a Kubernetes cluster

Pulumi & Azure: The turbo boost for your cloud projects

Online Event

Discover how Pulumi, the innovative infrastructure-as-code platform, seamlessly interacts with Microsoft Azure. Together, they maximize the productivity and efficiency of your cloud projects and minimize the susceptibility to errors. Learn how Pulumi allows you to work in your favorite programming language while effortlessly integrating Azure's services. Cleverly and securely control and orchestrate cloud resources

Cloud-Native & Sustainability: How and Why to Build Sustainable

Online Event

Cloud-Native & Sustainability: How and Why to Build Sustainable In this talk, Nico will explore the concept of sustainability in the context of cloud-native workloads and discuss the benefits of developing sustainable applications. Nico will share best practices for developing and implementing sustainable cloud-native workloads and give real-world examples. This talk will walk you

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