10 12. 2021

Monthly Azure news November 2021

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Monthly Azure news November 2021 As you may have expected, we're sharing some exciting news important to the Cloud Native enthusiasts. In our November issue read about some of the great Microsoft Ignite announcements, Azure Container Apps, .NET 6.0 for Azure Functions, and more. Enjoy the read. Contents Azure

4 11. 2021

Unser Team – Philip Welz

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Unser Team - Philip Welz Heute erfahren Sie mehr über Philip, der als Senior Kubernetes & DevOps Engineer bei uns arbeitet. Philip ist seit August 2021 fester Bestanteil des white duck Teams. Er ist ein Kubernetes-Enthusiast, was mehrere mit Erfolg abgeschlossenen Zertifizierungen wie Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Certified Kubernetes Application

8 09. 2021

Monthly Azure news August 2021

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Monthly Azure news August 2021 In this month's summary read about some important updates related to Azure Cosmos DB, AKS, Flexible Server and Azure Functions support that will be ending in 2022. We would appreciate it, in case you share the post with your community. Enjoy the read! Contents

3 08. 2021

Monthly Azure news – July 2021

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Monthly Azure news July 2021 The most important news from the Azure world is summarized in the this blogpost. We hope you will enjoy the read and share this blogpost with your team and/or community. Contents OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set 3.2 for Azure Web Application Firewall in public

15 07. 2021

Unser Team – André Ratzenberger

2021-09-21T15:48:49+02:00By |

Unser Team - André Ratzenberger André ist Cloud Solution Architect und seit 2013 fester Bestandteil des white duck Teams. Als letzter Informatik-Diplomer der TH Rosenheim begann André nach dem Studium als Backendentwickler und entwickelte sich mit der Zeit zu einem Cloud Experten. In 2021 absolvierte André erfolgreich die Zertifizierung

2 06. 2021

Monthly Azure news May 2021

2023-01-25T17:45:19+01:00By |

Monthly Azure news May 2021 Some fresh Azure updates are online - continue reading and feel free to share with all those interested in Azure and Cloud Native exciting world! This time we also included some awesome news from Microsoft Build 2021. Azure Static Web Apps is now generally

15 04. 2021

Unser Team – Dario Brozovic

2021-09-21T15:49:33+02:00By |

Unser Team - Dario Brozovic In diesem Blog Beitrag erfahren Sie mehr über Dario, der als DevOps Engineer seit fast einem Jahr Teil unseres Teams ist. Dario hat Web Business & Technology an der Hochschule Kufstein studiert und nach erfolgreicher Absolvierung der notwendigen Microsoft Prüfungen ist er zudem zertifizierter

8 01. 2021

Monthly Azure news December 2020

2022-02-04T17:36:52+01:00By |

Monthly Azure news December 2020 white duck team was monitoring the updates in the Azure Cloud world during December 2020, so in this blog post we inform about some of the most interesting news on Azure, Private Link Support for Azure Automation, Azure Functions and similar. Stay with us

3 12. 2020

Monthly Azure news November 2020

2022-02-04T17:34:41+01:00By |

Monthly Azure news November 2020 You're interested in the Azure Cloud world and want to find out what happened or what was released during November 2020? In this blog post we are bringing you some of the most interesting news from the Azure world. Also, we included a link

9 10. 2020

Monthly Azure news September 2020

2022-02-04T17:26:12+01:00By |

Monthly Azure news - September 2020 What is new in September? white duck team is presenting you the most recent Azure updates important for this month. As there are constantly new collaborations and projects happening, you can also find some news about Docker and GitHub. Also, this month we

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