12 06. 2024

Container Conference

2024-06-12T12:44:20+02:00By |

🦆 🐝 The Duck and the Bee: A Story About eBPF, Cilium and How It Helps Our Customers In this talk, Philip and Nico talk about Cilium and show how Cilium can help you get the most out of a Kubernetes environment in terms of networking, security, and observability. They will also show the

2 02. 2024

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024

2024-03-13T11:03:45+01:00By |

Cilium: Connecting, Observing, and Securing Service Mesh and Beyond with EBPF In the Cilium Maintainer track session, you'll get an update on how Cilium is expanding the boundaries of cloud native networking, observability, and security. What's next after graduation and establishment as the de facto standard CNI for Kubernetes? We'll start with a brief

10 01. 2024

Kubernetes Meetup Frankfurt

2024-01-10T09:09:09+01:00By |

Next-Level Kubernetes Networking with Cilium After covering the basics of Cilium, Philip and Nico will delve into advanced features such as multi-cluster networking with cluster mesh, Cilium's own service mesh implementation with ingress support, and the future of Kubernetes ingress routing with the Gateway API. They also show real-world examples of how Cilium can

9 01. 2024

Continuous Lifecycle & ContainerConf

2024-01-09T16:21:10+01:00By |

Our experts Philip Welz and Nico Meisenzahl talk about Kubernetes networking with Cilium. Next-level Kubernetes Networking with Cilium Philip and Nico will talk about how to get the most out of Kubernetes networks with Cilium. Cilium is widely known for providing networking and security capabilities for Kubernetes. But the eBPF-based open-source project offers much

23 03. 2023

white duck and Isovalent Announce Partnership

2023-03-23T14:41:51+01:00By |

white duck and Isovalent Announce Partnership white duck and Isovalent have announced a partnership to provide advanced eBPF-based networking, security, and observability solutions for Kubernetes-based cloud-native infrastructure on Azure. This partnership reinforces white duck's commitment to supporting clients with cloud-native and developer security (DevSecOps) and builds on the strategic

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