12 01. 2023

Container Security Day

2023-01-12T17:15:18+01:00By |

How to Prevent Your Kubernetes Cluster From Being Hacked The "ContainerDay Security" is a one-day community event that will take place on 08.03.2023 at the CreativSpace in Hamburg. Our Kubernetes expert Nico will talk about security and Kubernetes. Speakers: Nico Meisenzahl (Head of DevOps Consulting & Operations @ white duck)

16 02. 2022

DevOpsCon Berlin

2022-02-16T11:08:31+01:00By |

Hijacking a Kubernetes Cluster If you're interested in Kubernetes and security, join Nico and find out how to hijack a Kubernetes cluster based on common attack vectors. Speakers: Nico Meisenzahl (Senior Cloud & DevOps Consultant @white duck GmbH)

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