25 04. 2024

Container Security Made Easy – Tools and Techniques for Developers

2024-04-25T11:21:56+02:00By |

Are you looking for ways to seamlessly integrate container security and dependency scanning into your development lifecycle? Philip and Nico discuss various aspects of DevSecOps, such as container image verification, Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), shift left, and other valuable practices. They provide real-world examples and showcase helpful open source projects so you can

23 05. 2023

Cloud Native Networking & Security

2023-05-23T14:42:41+02:00By |

Exciting news for the tech community! Make a note of the upcoming Cloud Native Networking & Security Meetup on June 29, 2023 in Munich. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and participate in lively discussions about the latest trends and insights in cloud native and security. We look forward to seeing

19 05. 2023

Microsoft Build Germany

2023-05-19T14:54:14+02:00By |

Cloud-Native & Sustainability: Why sustainable applications are important and how they are developed In this talk, Martin and Nico will shed light on the concept of sustainability in the context of cloud-native workloads and demonstrate the benefits of developing sustainable applications. Both cover best practices for developing and implementing sustainable cloud-native workloads and present

3 05. 2023

ContainerDays 2023 Hybrid

2023-05-03T15:39:10+02:00By |

HOW TO PREVENT YOUR KUBERNETES CLUSTER FROM BEING HACKED Philip and Nico will show you how to prevent your Kubernetes cluster from being hijacked by introducing you to best practices and useful open source projects using real-world examples. - Create secure images with Wolfi - Image verification with Cosign - Security of container runtime

23 03. 2023

white duck and Isovalent Announce Partnership

2023-03-23T14:41:51+01:00By |

white duck and Isovalent Announce Partnership white duck and Isovalent have announced a partnership to provide advanced eBPF-based networking, security, and observability solutions for Kubernetes-based cloud-native infrastructure on Azure. This partnership reinforces white duck's commitment to supporting clients with cloud-native and developer security (DevSecOps) and builds on the strategic

12 01. 2023

Container Security Day

2023-01-12T17:15:18+01:00By |

How to Prevent Your Kubernetes Cluster From Being Hacked The "ContainerDay Security" is a one-day community event that will take place on 08.03.2023 at the CreativSpace in Hamburg. Our Kubernetes expert Nico will talk about security and Kubernetes. Speakers: Nico Meisenzahl (Head of DevOps Consulting & Operations @ white duck)

16 02. 2022

DevOpsCon Berlin

2022-02-16T11:08:31+01:00By |

Hijacking a Kubernetes Cluster If you're interested in Kubernetes and security, join Nico and find out how to hijack a Kubernetes cluster based on common attack vectors. Speakers: Nico Meisenzahl (Senior Cloud & DevOps Consultant @white duck GmbH)

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