The Thorny Road to Cloud/Saas Transition: How to start

For the majority of software startups, the question of Cloud and/or SaaS is pretty straightforward: it is something that has to be considered from the very beginning. Considered does not necessarily mean implemented, but it is definitely a question that has to be answered.

For traditional software vendors though, having been competing for several years on the market, things can get more complicated. The main reason for that is a blurry understanding of what Cloud/SaaS is… More often than not, CTOs have a completely different view on the subject than CFOs or COOs.

In any case make no mistake to believe that such a transition affects only one department.

Cloud/SaaS poses serious managerial and cultural challenges to the entire organization.

Before you start evaluating a Cloud/SaaS proposition, make sure that all stakeholders do understand the following simple facts:

  • Cloud is a (not that new) technology, but above all a business model
  • Cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It is important to choose the maturity level that meets the essential business requirements in the most cost-efficient way