VSTS Build Agent – More speed and less costs for VSTS builds

Our new Azure Certified Solution Template for the optimization of VSTS Build & Release Processes is now available in the Azure Marketplace.

Setup your predefined and ready to use private Build Agent for your VSTS Build Pipeline in your own Azure Subscription with just a few clicks and accelerate your continuous integration and delivery process.

Key benefits

  • Reduction of build times
  • Predefined and installed prerequisites to build and deploy .NET Core and Node (including Angular) applications
  • Scaleable VM based build engine

What you need?

  • Azure Subscription
  • VSTS environment


  • 15$ per private build agent in your VSTS subscription
  • VM costs based on the VM you choose
  • No additional fees


Get it now on Azure Marketplace

More Information

You will find more information about the VSTS Build Agent on our Website.