Monthly Azure news March 2021


In this blogpost you will read about some of the most important Azure updates that inspired our team during month of March. Enjoy the read!

Role-based access control (RBAC) with Azure Active Directory (AAD) on Azure Cosmos DB is in public preview now

This preview feature, which refers to the SQL API, offers the possibility to use AAD authentication to granularly control and enable access. By using Role Based Access Control, RBAC for short, roles can be defined which in turn are allowed to perform specific actions. These can then be assigned to different AAD entities. The actions are recorded in the diagnostic logs, which increases the traceability of actions. Learn more.

Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB supports version 4.0

Version 4.0 in Azure Cosmos DB API for the MongoDB provides a collection of new features which fit the needs for instance multi-document transactions. You are able to extend the MongoDB toolset you like with the capabilities of the Azure Cosmos DB using any of the open-source MongoDB client drivers. Upgrade now via the Azure CLI and enable the API for the chosen database in zero downtime. Learn more.

Azure Cosmos DB: Continuous backup with point in time restore in public preview

The point in time ability enables you to restore backups of data to a specific point in time via self-service, as long as the recovered target time is within the past 30 days. The restore can be done easily by using the Azure Portal, CLI, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) or PowerShell. Protect yourself from accidental deletes, unwanted modifications or dropped accounts and improve your feeling by working with Azure Cosmos DB and all its features. Learn more.

Device Update for IoT Hub in public preview

Get going and enhance security with over-the-air updates for all your IoT devices from sensors to gateway-level devices. You can test this in regions like western US, Asia and Europe. A huge advantage is the scalability and easy rollout via the Update Platform so you have a clear overview of the status of all devices. Deploy new features and save costs by using streamlined processes in the IoT Hub. Learn more.

Microsoft Ignite 2021 and Azure Kubernetes Service Updates

Several interesting updates regarding Azure Kubernetes Service were announced during Microsoft Ignite 2021. We listed some of the most important ones:

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes is now generally available

Azure Arc provides a consistent platform to manage different cloud environments and also local ones within a central user interface. Especially with the rise of Kubernetes and the use in different setups it is more and more complicated to keep an overview. This Azure Arc now provides the integration of Kubernetes in the Arc cosmos to manage all resources in one place. Also you can use GitOps configurations. Get all needed information to get started at the Azure Documentation.

Azure API Management extension for Visual Studio Code now generally available

Azure API Management is a fully managed service with only the need of an Azure subscription to get going. Download now the Azure API Management Extension for Visual Studio Code here. With it you are able to easily manage your corresponding Azure service and all instances while keep working in your IDE. Enhance your developing in an API first approach or manage and test in the API Management. Additional features are Editing and Debugging policies, Import Azure Functions, App Service and Open API specifications right into the API Management.

Azure IoT Central new and updated features

Regarding IoT central you can now use some new features and also enjoy improvements through updated ones. You can now reuse interfaces for same device models. This reduces complexity by using same technical components and only referencing one interface. Also, there is now a better dashboard experience with the settings for it now available in a own section. Next up the API was updated. Last but not least, there were different improvements of the documentation of IoT central itself resulting in better texts and more detailed graphics to enhance the learning ability of using IoT central by yourself.

Azure API Management support for request and response validation policies has reached general availability

Extend the protection of your API with response validation policies now available in the Azure API Management. Now you are able to block responses with missing query parameters or ones that do not match a regex or data type, non-compliant JSON bodies/headers as well as excessive body size. Learn more.