Open Source is Key

Just as Microsoft we at white duck are big fans of open source. We use open source software internally on a daily basis as well as in most of our customer projects. Besides Azure (which itself is partly open source as well; aks-engine for example), our technology stack is almost exclusively based on open source technologies. Without open source our current technology stack wouldn’t be possible at all. Independent of the size of the open source project. Top projects like Kubernetes, VSCode, Angular or even many smaller and newer ones like Dapr – it doesn’t matter.

That’s why we decided to publish our most used internal projects to give the community back a little. We hope that our projects listed below will help you individually and create added value for someone out there?

Let me introduce our published project.

GitHub Action for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployment

A GitHub Action for easy deployment of ARM templates.

This project is one of our newest internal projects. It allows you to easily deploy Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates using GitHub Actions as your Continuous Delivery platform. The only thing you need to provide is the target Resource Group and the location of your template file. Of course, we also build in advanced deployment options, but these are optional to allow you an easy jump-start.

You will find all the details you need to get started on our GitHub Actions Marketplace page. The project itself is hosted here.

As you may already notice (based on the project name) this project is based on Node.js. We plan to also provide a container-based Action in the near future. The container-based Action will help you to get rid of any dependencies on a self-hosted build runner.

Terraform scaffold for Azure

A project to scaffold Terraform on Azure.

This project is our base when we get started with new Terraform-based Infrastructure-as-Code deployments. It helps us to deploy all Terraform related dependencies in seconds in a production-ready manner. This includes a Service Principal which Terraform uses on behalf of, a Storage Account for centralized storage of the state file and a Key Vault for secure and easily accessible storage of all secrets.

The GitHub project includes a shell script deploy all requirements as well as example code which helps you to get started with a new Terraform project. You can find the project and all the details here.

Azure DevOps Pipelines trigger task

An Azure DevOps Pipelines Image to triggering other pipelines.

Bildergebnis für Azure Devops

Last but not least: This project provides you with a container image that enables you to trigger Azure DevOps pipelines within an Azure DevOps pipelines. Building an easy to use “deploy all” pipeline or trigger any kind of dependency pipelines within your pipeline are two possible examples.

The container image is available on Docker Hub. The project itself including documentation is available here.

Do not hesitate to open a feature request, a bug report or a pull request for one of the above-mentioned projects. We also appreciate any kind of feedback, like and star on GitHub.

Besides the above, you will also find further projects on our GitHub page. Don’t miss to stay up-to-date to do not miss any future project.