Build Agents for Azure DevOps – New version and new plans

More performance and more flexibility for your Azure Builds. With Build Agents for Azure DevOps, we offer pre-built private build agents as certified Azure Marketplace solutions, which can be quickly and easily integrated into your own Azure DevOps and Azure environment for accelerating and optimizing your CI/CD pipelines.

Many years of experience in modern build processes

As a service provider for software and cloud engineering, we design, develop and operate scalable, efficient, and individual SaaS, web, mobile and IoT applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our many years of experience in modern build processes are reflected in our build agents. We want to share this knowledge to enable you an implementation of more efficient build processes.

Microsoft Azure and Build Agents for Azure DevOps – a perfect fit

You can create a full deployment of private build agents for Azure DevOps on Azure virtual machines (VM) or VM scale sets using your Azure subscription. Setting up a private build agent and the environment needed to build the project is complex and time-consuming. That’s why we have developed this solution which simplifies the deployment of a private build agent to a single click.

Why Private Build Agents for Azure DevOps?

The core benefits of the build agents are:

  • Faster build and deployment times
  • Time saving through pre-configured build system
  • Wide range of uses thanks to high flexibility and scalability
  • Security through integration into private network
  • Fulfillment of the need for special performance characteristics (CPU, RAM, IOPS)

New version with new plans

The new version with new plans of our build agents offering is available in Azure Marketplace now. The new offering is available in the two plans: Single Windows VM and Linux VM Scale Set.

Single Windows VMLinux VM Scale Set
Azure Application TypeSolution templateManaged application
Compiler.NET, Angular, Node.JSGeneric by container builds
Execution of Azure DevOps container tasks (compile job runs in container)
Build container comes from container registry
ScalabilityOnly by VM plan (vertically)By VM Scaleset (horizontally)
Free of charge if not used
Parallelization out-of-the-box
SummaryPowerfull and freeScalability and full flexibility

Note: The offerings Build Agent LITE and Build Agent PRO are retired and no longer available in Azure Marketplace.

Screenshot gallery for Linux VM Scale Set plan


Join our build agents community on GitHub. You will find the detailed documentation, you can give feedback and you can start discussions about the build agents. We look forward to see you there.


If you have a support request, use also the community on GitHub or create a support request on the build agents website.